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Welcome On womanhood is an innovative new business that many people believe is long overdue.
It is essentially a pamper gift pack and book that has been specifically designed as a gift for young women to acknowledge their first period, (menarche).

The first 50 gift bags all contain a beautiful ‘punky fish’ charm style bracelet, so order your welcome on womanhood gift pack and booklet now for your loved one on her special, once in a life time day!
The gift pack is a draw string PVC duffel bag that can be reused as a toiletry bag. The pamper items have been chosen to enable your child to indulge in a relaxing bath with the jumbo bath bomb accompanied by a wonderful scented candle. The practical items, such as the discreet heart shaped tin and sanitary pad, will boost her confidence and peace of mind when she is at school or out and about. The first fifty bags come with a beautiful ‘punky fish’ bracelet and I have added an anti bacterial spray pen.

The most important item in the gift pack is the wonderfully informative book, ‘First Period'. Everything You Wanted To Know About Your Periods and More, that addresses all those unanswered questions about menstruation.

Many young girls complain that their parents were not prepared for such an important event. One girl talked about an embarrassing dash to the local shops to buy sanitary pads, and another girl described how she had to resort to toilet paper as an emergency measure. This is far from ideal!

Adults are not always aware that menstruation can begin at such an early age; sometimes as young as ten. Some people find talking about such a personal occurrence in their child’s life quite difficult for a variety of reasons and some children feel too embarrassed, shy or uncomfortable discussing the subject with their parents or carer.

At last there is now a fantastic opportunity to be prepared for your daughter’s once in a life time first period (menarche). Welcome On Womanhood is a unique gift that tells her that you want her to be informed as well as pampered, but most importantly, that you care!

I have spoken to many parents and children about the lack of cultural acknowledgement that is prevalent in our society, regarding first period (menarche) celebration or acknowledgement and menstruation generally. One mum summed up the perceived problem perfectly.

'It’s not that I don’t want to do something special for my girl when she starts her periods, it’s just that I don’t know what it is that I should be doing.’

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